Farewell, Manchester

by K.J. Petrie

© K.J. Petrie 2003. The right of K.J. Petrie to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 Sections 77 and 78.

Farewell, Manchester.
Farewell, Brum.
Farewell, large hotel
With argument to come.

Farewell, breakfast.
Farewell, train.
Farewell, First Class lounge,
I shan’t see you again.

Farewell, taxi driver,
Angry, cursing all.
Farewell, no more tip
Until you learn to call.

Farewell, London sights.
Farewell, Tate.
Farewell, ‘Reichstag’.
Farewell, Milton Gate.

Farewell, chauffeur car,
Farewell. More,
Farewell, Mark Tuck;
Sleight of hand on door.

Farewell, sleep-walking.
Farewell, knock
On hotel door at dead of night.
Farewell, speaking clock.

Farewell, hospitals:
The ones I’ll never see.
Farewell, ’nother ambulance
By night with you and me.

Farewell, packing up,
Checking all the same.
Farewell, cushion left.
Farewell, blame.

Farewell, business suit.
Farewell, chair
Pushing up the awkward ramp
To avoid the stair.

Farewell, BACS credit.
Farewell, form.
Farewell, claimed expenses.
Farewell; back to norm.

Farewell all.
Well fare all.
All in all,
All is all.

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